Future topics of discussion

The sorts of things that are likely to pop up here.  This list is as
much a reminder to me as it is a teaser for things to come:

1. Discussion of and updates on my independent projects
1.a. A GUI Matlab xUnit unit testing tool
1.b. Educational webapp games that don't reload the entire page any
time you click a letter
2. Metaphors of software development: an on-going series
2.a. Interviews with experts in fields often used as analogies to
software development exploring how they actually work
3. Culture of software development
4. Early history of computer programming and how it influences current practices
5. The intersections of software development and society at large
6. The current state of internet activism
7. Interesting articles from around the web on a huge variety of topics
7.a. A link to my Google Reader, which is less about software and more
about everything else in the world
8. Books I read and enjoy
9. Goings-on I attend in the Boston area
10. Intro-level how-tos of various sorts
10.a. First up, building your own computer